Arms out with flagFormed in 2010, the District Ultras is a non-profit group dedicated to supporting D.C. United. The atmosphere and fervent fan support in D.C. has long been recognized as the league standard. Members of the District Ultras are committed to providing the best possible atmosphere for our club, at home and away.

Our purpose is simple – we aim to provide full support of D.C. United – rain or shine, day or night, 90+ minutes of full support in the stadium – non-stop songs and chants, flags, pregame displays, other tifo. In addition, we work hard to give back to the local community. The organization is active in promotions and drives for local charities and works alongside the team’s charitable arm, United for D.C.

We feel that this combination of 90 minutes of chaos inside the stadium AND the not-for-profit mentality outside the stadium provides something new and unique to the RFK supporter landscape. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please join us in Section 127 for the next game and tailgate.

If you have any questions, please email us. And if you’d like to help, don’t be shy, just speak up! We can never have too much of that.