Membership and Tickets


Yearly membership dues are one of the major ways in which DU tailgates, tifo and other activities are fueled.  It keeps our flags flying, beer in our kegs, ticket prices as low as possible and all for just 20 bucks!

Membership is $20 per year and $10 for youth (U21).  Both types of membership come with a choice of scarf.

If you’d like membership in District Ultras, send payment to (please see paypal instructions below) with your name and include in the message that the payment is for membership dues.  You can also sign up at any tailgates (and receive a scarf immediately).


Tickets are $24 ($24 for U21 as well, it’s what we get them for) unless we receive a better deal which is then shown on our facebook event and forum.

Tickets can be purchased through paypal - - or with cash at the tailgate. Additionally, we accept credit/debit cards at the tailgate (with low 2.xx convenience charge).

Even if you plan to pay for tickets at the tailgate, it helps to email to let us know how many you want so that we can make sure we have enough.


In order to help us avoid fees, please use the following steps when processing a paypal payment:

  • Select the ‘Send Money’ option
  • Enter in the ‘To’ box and the appropriate amount of money in the ‘Amount’ box
  • Then select the ‘Personal’ tab in the box and check ‘Gift’
  • Select ‘Continue’
  • On the next page, be sure to enter your name and the number of tickets you need, then select ‘Send Money’